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Breaker Non-Auto Leveller

Main Drive Control through VFD inverter for improved operational performance.

Automatic sliver insertion to improve the material handling resulting in better machine efficiency.

Positive Drive for Creel.Easy access to all parts of a machine and very much user-friendly.

Automatic can change comes as a standard fitment in all machines. (Except SDL1000).

Cost-effective compared to imported machines. Can also process very short fibers including comber noils and highly suitable for both Open End Spinning & Ring Spinning Mills

Auto-Leveller Draw Frame

Auto-Leveller Draw frames have become an integral part of a modern textile mill producing High Quality Yarns.

To bring the Auto-Leveller Draw frame withing the reach of all the textile mills, we at Super Machine Works (P) Ltd have developed an Auto-Leveller Draw frame at par with international standards and operating performance.

The Auto-Leveller System is built around latest High Technology Data Acquisition System, Hi-Tech Sensors, Highly accurate AC Servo Motors and High Speed Industrial Plcs.

Open-End Rotor Spinning

  • Maximum No.of Rotors-480 Rotors (16 Rotors / Section) Maximum No. of the section up to 30.
  • Spindle Gauge -210mm.
  • Piecing parameters, Rotor Speed, Technological Air pressure setting, Take up speed, Winding parameters are all controlled by Touch Screen HIM.
  • Central Conveyor belt provided for removing packages.
  • Special Coating and Nickel Plating and Chemical Treatment are available as options for Opening Rollers and Rotors.
  • Ceramic inserts with smooth and notched navels are available for special application.
  • Length measurement is incorporated for producing Yarn Packages with Specific Yarn Lengths.
  • Yarn waste and Trash fibers are collected separately in separate chambers.