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Ceramics, brick and glass manufacturing are some of the most demanding manufacturing environments: high loads, fragile products, abrasive materials and extremes of temperature. Whether you are conveying, cutting, polishing or printing, Megadyne has a range of products that covers all these needs and most common applications: Grinding machines, Cutting lines, Beveling lines, Polishing lines, Drilling lines, Tempering lines.


There are six major food sectors within the food processing industry employing belting solutions:

> Bakery, including cookies, crackers, and bread
> Meat, including pork, beef, and poultry
> seafood and fish
> agriculture, including fruits and vegetables
> dairy and cheese
> confections, including chocolate and candy


From the forest to a finished product, there are many different stages during the processing of the wood. Sawing, debarking, pelletising, veneering, MDF forming & pressing, sanding, stacking, painting… The applications are numerous, but Megadyne has a right range of belts suitable to work in this demanding environment. Throughout the log cutting, debarking, chipping, and veneer trimming processes, power transmission belts drive saws and blades to prepare the harvested wood for downline manufacturing of plywood and MDF products.


Our solutions are used in a range of applications. Below are a few of the most common uses:

> Banking equipment, including ATMs, card readers, bill and coin changers, and money and check sorters
> Bindery equipment
> Mail handling equipment
> Collating machines
> Ticketing machines


The energy industry is an ever-expanding market, increasingly incorporating new green technologies. Thanks to our close co-operation with many major original equipment manufacturers in this sector, Megadyne can offer technical and reliable power transmission solutions. Maintenance free, long service life and reability are ensured, for drilling rigs, pumps, wind and tidal turbines.

Wind power, specifically, refers to the process in which wind is harnessed for the generation of mechanical power or electricity.


Megadyne is an active player in the global textile market. Yarn manufaturing, non woven machines, clothing machines, textile printing blankets: Megadyne design specialised belts for each type of application, combining different chemical, mechanical and electrostatcis properties to produce bespoke solutions.


Megadyne timing and conveyor belts are used in both the primary and secondary processes of tobacco production. Slicing and shredding the tobacco leaf and then the drying and flavouring processes. Finally feeding the tobacco to the cigarettes manufacturing machines, on to the handling and packaging equipment, ready for sale.


Megadyne’s belt products are designed to withstand the general wear and tear of various machining and manufacturing processes. Whether customers use CNC machines, automatic or manual drill presses, mills, or lathes, our belts ensure efficient, safe operation, without the need for frequent belt maintenance. We offer a range of different belts for both positioning and power drive needs, as well as manual machining applications.

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