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Rotation World Ltd. is part of The System Engineering Ltd.’s growing portfolio of engineered bearings, belts, textile humidification system, textile machinery and industrial motion products. Rotation World Ltd. is authorized distributor of various world reputed brand as MTK, Kinex, Dodge, Temsan, Megadyne, Ammeraal Beltech, Hydroo, Ebitt. We provide a comprehensive line of power transmission items used in industrial, commercial and consumer applications.

    Our vision

  • Rotation World Ltd. is committed to excellence and conducting business in a fair and honest manner and is respected and trusted for being the one that is truly the customer's first choice.
  • It is our continuous endeavor to respect the ambitions and expectations of employees, stakeholders and suppliers through a never ending zeal to improve.
  • Rotation World Ltd. has become a reliable and admired brand of premium motion Products and Solutions supplier by consistently providing Quality Beyond Compare.

    Our mission

  • Rotation World Ltd. is a trusted supplier of motion Products, providing precision-engineered solutions for a wide variety of engineering, machine tool, industrial and automotive markets.
  • We support our customers and enhance their productivity and profits, thereby adding value by providing reliable, consistent, leak-free dependable products and sharing our technical know-how, resulting in an effortless procurement experience, for them.

Our values

Rotation World Ltd.'s each member is committed to conduct business with highest level of Integrity & Transparency, Leadership by Example, Fairness, Honesty, Pursuit of Excellence and Courtesy towards our clients, employees, vendors & society at large.

Message from the Chairman
Rotation World Ltd.

Our reputation has been created not only by the contribution of our staff & valuable customers but also a big hand of our partners who are providing us a good quality/ technology & products.

System Engineering Ltd. offers 20 years of experience across a range of Quality Product & services in the industrial sector of Bangladesh. We promote our best commitment & technology to our client in a cost effective way. We believe that latest technology is the key factor for developing industrial sector that we always try to provide to our customers. Customer satisfaction is our first objective. A total 450+ staff are working in this organization with full dedication & commitment. | believe, without these staffs contribution SEL could not stand in these positions. In future we are looking forward to Sustainable and innovative technology for our customers which will create a positive impact & a cost effective technology for the next decade to industrial sectors.

Our reputation has been created not only by the contribution of our staff and valuable customer but also a big hand of our partners who are providing us good quality/ technology products. At the same time our valuable customer's faith has brought us in this stage.

Finally, | should say we are engineer, designer, consultant, project implementer but above all we are a team dedicated to delivering a smart out comes for our clients, to the community and future generation.

Syed Abu Jafar
Rotation World Ltd.
System Engineering Ltd

Rotation World Ltd.

Mohammad Shawkat Hossain

Managing Director, System Engineering Ltd.
Director, Rotation World Ltd.

Syed Akramul Haque (Munna)

Managing Director, Rotation World Ltd.
Director, System Engineering Ltd.

Arimpam Kumar Mondal

Rotation World Ltd.

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