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Industries served

From breakfast rolls to suitcases, sports cars and your E-commerce orders, almost every product is conveyed by our belts at some point during its life cycle.

Ammeraal Beltech products are at home in nearly every industry, often in critical applications. Through our unique combination of experience, market expertise and engineering know-how, we are able to provide the right belting solutions for the majority of industrial sectors and applications, including:

  • Airports
  • Automotive
  • Carton, Paper, Packaging materials
  • Coating & Lamination
  • Food
  • Logistics
  • Marble and Ceramic
  • Metal
  • Sports & Leisure
  • Textile
  • Tobacco
  • Tyre
  • Wood


Whether it is an antimicrobial conveyor belt for the food industry or a flame-retardant product for use in baggage-handling or an energy saving belt in logistics, Ammeraal Beltech can provide the right belting solution for your conveying & process challenges, meeting the most stringent industry requirements.

Our comprehensive range includes:

  1. Synthetic Belts
  2. Modular Belts
  3. Plastic and Steel Chains
  4. Endless Woven Belts
  5. Solid Woven Belts
  6. Lightweight Rubber Belts
  7. ZipLink® Belts
  8. Homogeneous Belts
  9. RAPPLON® High Performance Flat Belts
  10. Engineered Belts
  11. Ultrasync Belts
  12. Solicord Round & V-belts
  13. Ultrascreen Belts
  14. PTFE Belts
Synthetic Belts

Our comprehensive range of Synthetic Belts are made on a fabric base with a coating on the top and/or bottom side, in different colours, materials and thicknesses to provide benefits such as strength, stability and impact resistance, high grip, wear resistance, self-tracking, energy saving, non-fraying and antimicrobial.

Main families:

  • Flexam
  • Nonex
  • Ropanyl
  • Ropanol
  • Ropan
  • Peflex
  • Poliflex
  • Polikleen
  • Amtel
Modular Belts

Assembled in a bricklay pattern, Modular Belts can be made to almost any length and width; a wide range of accessories are available to customise the belt for specific applications or processes.

Straight-running or side-flexing, open or closed surfaces, excellence in design delivers flexibility, strength, wear resistance, hygienic properties, lower-noise, energy saving and less maintenance.

Plastic and Steel Chains

Straight-running or side-flexing, the choice is yours.

Slat Top Steel Chains

are strong chains, suitable for applications running at high-speed, used mainly in industries involving glass containers.

Plastic Chains

are a light-weight strong and silent alternative to Steel Chains.

Endless Woven Belts

Ammeraal Beltech’s Endless Woven Belts are the right solution when the absence of a splice is important, or if you need higher belt strength or wish to ensure continuous product quality, or if a belt needs to absorb moisture or extreme precision is required.

Solid Woven Belts

Solid Woven polyester Belts coated with PVC provide excellent impact and tear resistance along with dimensional stability, delivering high performance solutions for today’s evolving logistics industry.

Lightweight Rubber Belts

Lightweight conveyor belts in rubber elastomer, EPDM and silicone. Produced with over 2,100 single-ply or multi-ply belting constructions, and delivered efficiently and effectively.

ZipLink® Belts

ZipLink® is a breakthrough in belting design that combines cover materials with a structured link mesh that can be easily spliced at any length into a continuous belt without the need for special tools, presses or other equipment.

Homogeneous Belts

Homogeneous Belts are made from a single piece of homogeneous plastic so it cannot fray and contaminate food. It can be installed on existing conveyors and, in combination with proper conveyor design, allows for Cleaning In Place (CIP).

Homogeneous belts, designed in different versions, are positive drive belts, driven by a lug (or teeth) and a sprocket system. This system reduces the energy required to run your conveyor and at the same time delivers ultimate tracking; thus virtually maintenance-free.

RAPPLON® High Performance Flat Belts

Since 1957, our Rapplon® High Performance Flat Belts are synonymous with quality and precision:

  • High Performance Flat Belts
  • Process and elastic process belts
  • Drive belts, tangential drive belts and spindle tapes
Engineered Belts

Engineered Belts, combined with different types of cover materials, are designed to meet customer specifications:

  • More than 60 different types divided into 4 categories (rubber, PU & PVC, cellular and special covering materials)
  • Holes, carriers, ropes, cleats and sidewalls.
Ultrasync Belts

Ultrasync Belts are fabric based positive drive belts, which combine the advantages and characteristics of synthetic conveyor belts and positive drive belts like modular and timing belts. FDA approved.

Solicord Round & V-belts

In many Food Industry processing applications, Food Grade polyurethane and polyester Round & V-belts are best suited to fulfil the application requirements, particularly when handling sliced meats, cheese and for topping and packaging lines.

Ultrascreen Belts

Ultrascreen Mesh Belts are made of polyester monofilaments and are manufactured with lateral and longitudinal strips to provide stability. All belts have completely closed belt edges for improved hygiene and safety. An excellent choice when draining is required, for example in the processing of vegetables, fruit and seafood.

PTFE Belts

A PTFE or Silicone Coated Belt will deliver premium performance at extreme temperatures for a wide range of Food Industry applications: the smart solution for a wide variety of Non-stick, baking and freezing applications.